Promotional Stills

The Movies Punda and Otrobanda present promotional and educational digital stills before all regular movie presentations. PowerPoint presentations will be used to project your advertisement. This projection will be done with a very powerful digital Barco projector. The same projector is used for our digital movie presentations. As a result of this, the quality of the projection of your advertisement will improve with the High Definition digital standards.

Promotional Lobby Area Posters

Advertising possibilities exist with a promotional poster in the lobby, concession stand or the entrance of the bathrooms. However, the number of the posters is limited to five and the rate per poster is like the rates of stills.

Promotional films / Trailers

A promotional film of a standard of 30 seconds will be shown before each movie presentation in each of the auditoriums.
You can choose to have your films show only the Movies Punda or the Movies Otrobanda or at both locations.
Each location has 6 auditoriums where you film will be displayed 4 times a day (a total of 24 showings in case you advertise in one location or 24 showings in case you advertise in both locations).

Technical Requirements

JPG-Format RGB 1058 pixels x 794 pixels 72 DPI
Trailer specs: H264 1080p 24fps

Contact information

For more information and advertising rates please contact Margie Raghunath: 667-2714 or e-mail at: